“The Dudes”

I think biographies lean toward, what’s the word here, um, indulgent I guess. That said, if you don’t know us, I suppose it’s worth sharing at least a bit. I’m a slightly above average height, white American male who believes the Bible is true and struggles (like all of us) to live accordingly. By all accounts, outside of Christ and my wife, there is nothing special about me. What may be different is my willingness to battle on the “hard” topics, challenge “conventional wisdom” – what a stupid ass phrase- and pursue a relationship with The Creator that is genuine and unique; a relationship with its own idiosyncrasies, successes and failures derived from 25 years of trying to figure it out. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a Bible scholar nor a preacher nor holier than any but somehow having an outlet for the discussions, some of them wild, that we have about our lives and this world seemed like a good idea.

It seems that I am different things to different people. To some I’ve been a pastor, to others I’ve been a party buddy, and to a very select few I’ve been both. I find a great sense of joy from coloring outside of the lines and living in a way that gives weight to the moment, rather than the expectations. This will likely be the foundation for much of what I write on here, as I pursue God and people on the roller coaster of grace.
This wild life that I live is based on just a few concrete beliefs…
• All that we are and all that exists was thought of, designed and created by God.
• God is not an esoteric asshole who longs to “damn and judge” humanity, but rather a loving father physically explaining his love to humanity through the existence of Jesus.
• Life is not a battle between right and wrong, rather a set of decisions on whether or not to bring life or bring death to those that you interact with.
• Dinosaurs are badass.
• Evolution is an absolutely true process.
• Cussing is not necessarily “right or wrong”, they are words that are only given power by the intention of your heart when you speak them.
•Money is not the root of all evil.
• Vulnerability is bitchin’!


4 thoughts on ““The Dudes”

  1. Dang, I love you. You continue to be outwardly what I have always been inwardly, but not always outwardly for fear of “present position or life-situation.” If Lei-Lei and I are at all responsible for any part of the men you have both become, we are very proud parents. Keep goin’ boys!
    Love You Both,

  2. Pick me! Pick me! I wanna play! This is a brilliant idea and has the beginnings of incredible community. Thanks for being willing to “put yourselves out there” for the rest of us dudes.

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