Wayne Grudem’s Autograph

Wayne Grudem is and should be one of the Wayne Grudemmost respected men of our generation in terms of expanding the Gospel to humans. Other men who I personally categorize along-side Grudem are Tim Keller, Andy Stanley & Rick Warren [just to name a few]. I have a tremendous amount of personal respect for the dedication these men have towards forwarding the love and grace of Jesus through writing, preaching & their lives. And while they aren’t sinless due to their service, they are holy saints, redeemed by the cross of Christ, just like you and I.

Personal thought: Just like you and I… All men are equal in rank but wildly diverse in skill-set and calling; what if there is no such thing as a “super-Christian” only those who follow Christ as leaders and those who follow Christ by following their leaders?

A couple weeks ago I was in a local coffee joint [sozocoffee.org] chatting with a pastor friend of mine and our convo got briefly interrupted by an acquaintance of his. I over heard a part of their conversation where this dude was telling my friend that he got to meet and listen to Grudem speak recently. Without mentioning a sentence of what he gleaned from that day, made sure that everyone within an ear-shot from him heard that Wayne Grudem signed his copy of Systematic Theology!

Don’t misunderstand me, Grudem isn’t [necessarily] at fault for signing an autograph; there isn’t anything inherently wrong with putting your signature in a book [especially when you took the time to write it]. It is just a little weird to me that this guy could have started conversation about so many different things and the one he chose to boast about was getting a book signed by a theologian… Maybe I’m wrong, I just don’t think many people are paying for that autograph.

This is a bit cynical and I understand that, but maybe if you were there and could have heard this dudes level of excitement, you would have thought he was was a pre-teen who left a One Direction with the autographs of every member. We all have our quarks and do dumb things and respond differently to situations, this one just made me laugh.

Maybe consider this question in closing: If Holy Spirit spoke to you in truth and the words didn’t agree with the opinion of your pastor or favorite theologian, who would you be more inclined to displace?