Dinosaurs are badass!

There are some odd thoughts, theories and opinions wrapped around Christianity. Opinions that have caused good men and women to lie. Not evil lies necessarily, but the type of lies that we tell when we want to be right, when we know for sure that we don’t have the darndest clue!


Is the existence of dinosaurs contradictory to a biblical account of creation?
Did dinosaurs exist in a prehistoric time?
Wait… What does ‘prehistoric’ actually mean?
If Adam was the beginning of “history” then is it possible to have a “prehistoric” earth?
But what about the ‘facts’ presented by carbon dating?

Who gives a sh!t?

It simply baffles me that these are the conversations we have to try and prove or disprove an account of creation, or more-so, whether or not God exists!

When millions of humans are internally and externally dying from the social and personal depravity that we all experience, the best we can do is dinosaurs?! Get ready for a rough left turn… I recently had a conversation with a new friend named Ross, he was telling me about a newer collegiate major that he called, “Behavioral Economics”. This study focuses on the reality that humans are not rational beings, therefore the historic theory of economics as a prediction of human choice and purchasing habits based on being rational, seems to be a grossly unevolved theory. As I listened to him explain some of the major thoughts of this study, which were: all humans lie to make themselves appear/feel better than they are, and, humans are most likely to be very similar to those that they spend their time within behavior, social class, and appearance, to name a few. [I think I ran out of breath just writing that sentence… congrats if you got through that marathon] I responded to his brief explanation by saying, “It’s very interesting to me that you’re learning about explicitly biblical principals and they are being called a ‘new social science.'” He looked at me as if I had just told him that I wrote The Bible- and after an awkwardly long pause asked me how I had concluded that those were biblical issues. As our dialogue continued he purposefully communicated to me that he was “Jewish”, and later was a little more honest by telling me he “wasn’t very religious” and this was the open air that allowed for our conversation. [taking a right turn back on track]

These are the types of conversations that I want to be involved in… real, life-bringing, thought provoking conversations… Not mindless bullsh!t banter that steals so much life and energy from those involved.

SO… We would probably all agree that dinosaurs are badass! But did they exist? Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t, but that answer will depend on your personal theory of how we got here. In conclusion, let me suggest that you waste your breath on conversations that you believe in, and topics that are worth dying for, as opposed to dinosaurs.



2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs are badass!

  1. Man, the things we debate, stake our ground on and ultimatly create division over can be so ridiculous. Dinosaurs are one example but the list is extensive and obnoxious: Young earth/old earth, pre-trib/mid-trib/post-trib, Lutheran/Baptist/Nazarene/Non-Denom, etc. Can someone, anyone please tell me how any of this matters? What, because some “smart” dudes decided they are each more right than the next? Becuase if I get my view on end times wrong somehow it will affect my salvation? To quote my dad on this one, “Ryan, when it comes to end times, God wins.” Isn’t that the bottom line. Seriously people. On this one I have to agree with Dennis (which can be rare, like Dinosaur spottings). Why do we spend so much time and effort debating the non eternal?

  2. Dennis.
    We butt heads about a lot of different things…like almost everything. But I love this post. I think you are absolutely correct. Speak and talk about the things that make you passionate and not worthless things. I love studying theology, church doctrine, and understanding the way religion works…but like you said and like Ryan said below, at the end of the day, who gives a sh!t? I want to love everyday fully for my savior. Dinosaurs? I think not…

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